Certificates of Good Standing

The Supreme Court Office of Attorney Services issues certificates of good standing. To request a certificate of good standing, please complete and submit a request form. Most requests for a certificate of good standing will be processed within four business days of receipt; a request for a certificate of good standing with disciplinary information may take up to 10 business days to process. There is no fee for a certificate of good standing.

Requests for certificates of good standing may be emailed to GoodStandingRequests@sc.ohio.gov. Requests may also be mailed or faxed to:

Office of Attorney Services
65 South Front Street, 5th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431
(Fax) 614.387.9529

Requests may also be made by completing a request form and attaching it to an email directed to GoodStandingRequests@sc.ohio.gov. Please note: the Office of Attorney Services will send an email confirming the receipt of the request for a certificate of good standing within one business day. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Office of Attorney Services.

Request for Certificate of Good Standing form

Good Standing Determinations

The Office of Attorney Registration & CLE must review several Supreme Court records to determine an attorney's good standing. These records include: attorney registration records, which are available online; the court's attorney disciplinary and other case records, which are available for review in the Clerk's Office; and the records of the court's CLE enforcement proceedings, which are also available for review in the Clerk's Office.

An attorney is considered to be in good standing with the Supreme Court when all the following apply:

  1. the attorney is admitted to the practice of law in Ohio;
  2. the attorney is registered under Gov. Bar R. VI for the current biennium and all prior bienniums for which registration was required;
  3. with the exception of a public reprimand, the attorney is not subject to a Supreme Court attorney-discipline order, (e.g., an order of suspension, including during any stayed period of suspension, when there is a disbarment, or resignation from practice);
  4. if the attorney has been disciplined, the attorney has paid all costs ordered by the court (e.g., board costs, publication costs) and has otherwise complied with all requirements as ordered by the court;
  5. if the attorney has been the subject of a CLE enforcement proceeding under Gov. Bar R. X, the attorney has paid any fees imposed by the court for the attorney's non-compliance with CLE requirements;
  6. the attorney has not been held in contempt by the Supreme Court or, if the attorney has been held in contempt, the attorney has been purged of contempt.

If you have further questions regarding certificates of good standing, please contact the Office of Attorney Services by telephone at 614.387.9320 or by email at GoodStandingRequests@sc.ohio.gov.

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