Application for Certification to Practice Pending Admission

Effective Sept. 2, 2019, Gov. Bar R. I, Sec. 19, states that if certain requirements are met, an out-of-state attorney may practice law in Ohio if that attorney is eligible for admission to the Ohio bar without examination and also has submitted an application for admission without examination.

Application Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are admission without examination applicants who filed their applications prior to June 4, 2019 (90 days before Sept. 2, 2019, PPA’s effective date) eligible to practice pending admission?
  2. Yes.  Applicants whose applications were filed in prior to June 4, 2019 may file a simple petition (in the form of a letter) for a waiver of the ninety-day requirement.  There is no fee for such a petition under this circumstance.

  3. As referred to in Gov. Bar R. I, Sec. 19(A)(6) , what does “[a]ssociates with” mean?
  4. Considerable discretion is given to the applicant and his/her associating attorney in determining what the relationship requires.  Both attorneys should consider the duties, demands, and requirements of the Ohio legal work being undertaken, with paramount importance being placed on accountability to the client.  For further definitional guidance, please refer to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct and Gov. Bar R. XII, which governs pro hac vice admission in Ohio.

  5. Does a PPA applicant need to associate with an active Ohio attorney in good standing if the applicant will not be practicing Ohio law while practicing pending admission?
  6. No.  If the applicant does not intend to practice Ohio law while practicing pending admission, the applicant must file a form affidavit swearing to that effect.  The form is located on the Court’s Admission without Examination/PPA Forms Web page.

  7. How long can I practice pending my Ohio admission?
  8. No more than three hundred sixty-five days from the acceptance of the application to practice pending admission, unless that time period is extended by the Office of Bar Admissions upon receipt and consideration of a petition from the applicant.  The fee for a petition to waive a rule provision is $30.

  9. How does attorney registration work for an attorney practicing pending admission?
  10. Upon acceptance of a PPA application, the applicant will be issued an Ohio attorney registration number and will be designated as “Practice Pending Admission” in the Attorney Directory maintained by the Office of Attorney Services.

  11. What reporting duties does an attorney practicing pending admission possess?
  12. If an applicant becomes subject to criminal charges or a disciplinary investigation or sanction in any jurisdiction at any time during the PPA period, the applicant must notify both the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and the Office of Bar Admissions.

  13. Can PPA terminate?
  14. Yes.  PPA immediately terminates upon: 1) the expiration of the three hundred sixty-five day period, unless extended; 2) the withdrawal of the applicant’s admission without examination application; 3) the applicant’s admission without examination application is disapproved; 4) if practicing Ohio law, if the applicant fails to remain associated with an active Ohio attorney in good standing; 5) the applicant is disbarred, suspended, or has resigned from the practice of law with disciplinary action pending in any jurisdiction in which the applicant is authorized to practice; and/or the applicant fails to perform the aforementioned reporting duties.

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Application Materials

Links to Online Application Materials Notice
1. Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio -- Rule I. Admission to the Practice of Law These documents contain important information you must read before completing your application.
2. Instructions to Applicants for Admission to the Practice of Law in Ohio Without Examination Refer back to the instructions page for help completing the application.
3. Definitions of Essential Eligibility Requirements for the Practice of Law
4. Decisions Issued by the Supreme Court of Ohio that Relate to Character and Fitness
5. National Conference of Bar Examiners -- Fee Schedule
6. Applicant’s Character Questionnaire
To be completed by applicant
After completing the NCBE’s electronic Character Questionnaire, be sure to print out and include an original hardcopy of the Questionnaire and a copy of the Questionnaire with your application.
Practice Pending Admission Documents for Download
1. Application for Certification to Practice Pending Admission
2. Certification
3. Affidavit of Ohio Attorney (required if practicing Ohio law)

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