Oral Argument Calendar
August 19, 2014 - September 24, 2014*

Oral Argument Calendar

Maureen O'Connor, Chief Justice
Paul E. Pfeifer
Terrence O'Donnell
Judith Ann Lanzinger
Sharon L. Kennedy
Judith L. French
William M. O'Neill

Mindi L. Wells, Interim Administrative Director
Sandra H. Grosko, Clerk of the Court
Sandra H. Grosko, Interim Reporter

Each side is allowed 15 minutes for oral argument unless otherwise noted. Court convenes promptly at 9 a.m. Counsel in all cases are expected to be present when court convenes. Counsel should register with the chief deputy clerk prior to 8:45 a.m.

*Calendar subject to change. Parties or their counsel will receive notices of hearing from the Office of the Clerk.
Questions or comments should be directed to the Clerk’s Office at 614.387.9530.

August 19
9 a.m.
Official schedule  
10-1406 State of Ohio v. Mark Pickens
30 Minutes Per Side
13-0827 State of Ohio v. Jordan Beverly Clark
13-1441 State of Ohio v. Kenneth Ruff Hamilton
August 20
9 a.m.
Official schedule  
13-1574 Dorothy Fondessy v. Anthony Simon Ottawa
13-1730 Phillip Dodd et al. v. John Croskey et al. Harrison
13-1773 Estate of Marcella Atkinson v. Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Knox
14-0067 Chesapeake Exploration, L.L.C., et al. v. Kenneth Buell et al.  
September 9
9 a.m.
13-1598 Fred Sanborn, Richard and Carol Cocks, and Ruth Hubbard v. Hamilton County Budget Commission, Indian Hill Board of Education, and Indian Hill Exempted Village School District  
13-1770 Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District v. Bath Township, Ohio, et al. Cuyahoga
13-2023 State of Ohio v. Lauren Jones Cuyahoga
13-1731 State of Ohio v. Thomas M. Keenan Cuyahoga
September 10
9 a.m.
13-1856 Sunset Estate Properties, LLC, et al. v. Village of Lodi, Ohio Medina
13-1963 J&C Marketing, L.L.C. v. Timothy J. McGinty, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Cuyahoga
14-0168 Equity Dublin Associates and SHSCC #2 Limited Partnership v. Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commissioner of Ohio, Board of Education of the Columbus City School District, and Board of Education of the Dublin City School District  
14-0425 State of Ohio v. Shawn A. Ware Portage
September 23
9 a.m.
13-1622 Disciplinary Counsel v. Harland Hanna Hale  
Patricia Hulsmeyer v. Hospice of Southwest Ohio, Inc., Joseph Killian, and Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. Hamilton
13-2050 Hope Academy Broadway Campus et al. v. White Hat Management, LLC, et al. Franklin
September 24
9 a.m.
Portage County Session  
13-1746 Jeffrey Felix et al. v. Ganley Chevrolet, Inc., et al. Cuyahoga
13-1973 State of Ohio v. Sudinia D. Johnson Butler
13-2008 Henry Smith v. Ying H. Chen, D.O., et al. Franklin

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