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Court's Ban on Future Social Media Postings about Relatives Unconstitutional
The Ohio Supreme Court vacated portions of Mercer County civil stalking protection orders that prohibited a man from posting anything on social media about his mother and sister, whom he accused of contributing to the deaths of their husbands.

Protection Orders: Statutes & Rules Reference Chart (April 2019)

Selected Statutes

Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 65.1 - Civil Protection Order

Board of Professional Conduct Advisory Opinion 96-005 (Advice provided under the former Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct, which was superseded by the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct, eff. 3/1/2009)

Attorney General's Opinion No. 2017-031

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10 – Notifying Law Enforcement Agencies of Criminal or Civil Protection Orders

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10.01 – Standard Civil Protection Order Forms - Domestic Relations Division

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10.02 – Standard Criminal Temporary Protection Order Forms

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10.03 – Standard Criminal and Civil Stalking Protection Order Forms

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10.04 - Notice Concerning Possession or Purchase of Firearms

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10.05 - Standard Civil Protection Order Forms in Juvenile Division of the Courts of Common Pleas

Rules of Superintendence Rule 10.06 - Inter-Court Communication in Domestic Violence and Related Cases

Rules of Superintendence Rule 16 - Mediation

Rules of Superintendence Rule 48 - Guardians ad litem

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