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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Dearth v. Columbus 17AP-346De novo review of summary judgment in favor of defendant-appellee municipal corporation affirmed when record shows that municipal corporation’s employees exercised discretion for which R.C. 2744.03(A)(5) confers immunity.BrunnerFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-556
State ex rel. Bates v. Franklin Cty. Court of Common Please 17AP-752Respondent's motion to dismiss relator's mandamus action granted.BrownFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-557
State v. Robinson 17AP-853Appellant's conviction for murder was supported by sufficient evidence and was not against the manifest weight of the evidence.BrownFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-558
State v. Simmons 18AP-183Where there were some clues of intoxication but the totality of the circumstances did not suggest that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in finding no probable cause to arrest the defendant for driving while under the influence of marijuana.BrunnerFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-559
Smith v. Estate of Knight 18AP-534Trial court did not err when it granted motion to dismiss.BrownFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-560
Nelnet, Inc. v. Rauch 18AP-555Trial court's statement regarding rights of current owners of property was not necessary to its holding in judgment granting motion to declare prior foreclosure judgment void. Therefore, statement constituted dictum or an advisory opinion and was not subject to appeal.DorrianFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-561
State v. Hawkins 18AP-600The trial court did not err in denying appellant's motion for resentencing on the basis of merger. A complete reading of the sentence entry reveals the court merged counts one and two, and only sentence appellant on count one, not count two. Accordingly, appellant's assignment of error is overruled, and the judgment is affirmed.DorrianFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-562
State ex rel. Berry v. Bessey 18AP-718No objections were filed to the magistrate's decision recommending that the court dismiss relator's complaint for mandamus for lack of compliance with R.C. 2969.25(C). No error of law or other defect is evident on the face of the magistrate's decision. Accordingly, the court adopts the findings of fact and conclusions of law of the magistrate's decision and dismisses relator's request for a writ of mandamus.DorrianFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-563
State ex rel. Neguse v. Franklin Cty. Court of Common Please 17AP-755There being no objection and no error of law or other defect evident on the face of the Magistrate's decision, the court adopts the Magistrate's decision recommending this court grant respondent's motion to dismiss relator's request for a writ of mandamus ordering respondent, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, to provide him "written Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, and Post-Conviction Transcript of Proceeding of the Evidentiary Hearing relative to the dismissal of his Petition for Relief after Judgment filed in Respondent's Court rendered on June 29, 1994." Complaint for writ of mandamus is dismissed.DorrianFranklin 2/14/2019 2/15/2019 2019-Ohio-564
Gallick v. Franklin Cty. Bd. of Revision 17AP-811; 17AP-812The Board of Tax Appeals did not err in reinstating the county auditor's valuations for the subject properties because appellant failed to prove lower values and no other competent and probative evidence in the record enabled the BTA to independently determine the values of those properties. Decision affirmed.SchusterFranklin 2/12/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-485