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State v. Hayward WD-17-010The trial court complied with Crim.R. 11(C)(2)(c) in accepting guilty plea despite the fact that it did not recite the language of the rule word-for-word in explaining the right to a jury trial.MayleWood 11/17/2017 11/20/2017 2017-Ohio-8611
In re C.J. L-17-1095, L-17-1098Award of permanent custody of a minor child to LCCS based on mother's lack of commitment to the child is not against the manifest weight of the evidence where mother has no contact with the child or caseworker for five months, and only recently becomes reengaged with the child when he is 14 months old.PietrykowskiLucas 11/17/2017 11/20/2017 2017-Ohio-8612
N.S. v. C.E. H-17-006The juvenile court erred when it modified a custody decree without making a finding under R.C. 3109.04(E)(1)(a) that there exists a change in circumstances of the child or the residential parent before modifying the parties' custody decree.MayleHuron 11/17/2017 11/20/2017 2017-Ohio-8613
State v. Rickard E-16-056, E-16-057Appellant's bindover did not violate due process. Not initiating appellant's charges in the juvenile court was reversible error because the common pleas court lacked jurisdiction to convict appellant. Finding merit in the jurisdictional argument on appeal renders the argument that trial counsel was ineffective for failing to raise it at trial moot.SingerErie 11/17/2017 11/20/2017 2017-Ohio-8614
State v. Stayton E-16-055We have held that a failure to timely raise substantive jail time credit claims results in the issue being barred from further consideration by the doctrine of res judicata. OsowikErie 11/17/2017 11/20/2017 2017-Ohio-8615
State v. Alexander WD-17-015Postconviction relief petition untimely; res judicata and waiver bar a claim of voidable sentence.PietrykowskiWood 11/9/2017 11/9/2017 2017-Ohio-8506
Estate of Brummitt v. Ohio Mut. Ins. Group E-17-014Trial court properly granted summary judgment. Notice of voluntary dismissal after trial commenced on bifurcated claims constitutes a dismissal on the merits pursuant to Civ.R. 41(B)(3).SingerErie 11/9/2017 11/9/2017 2017-Ohio-8507
In re J.P. L-17-1100; L-17-1101Trial court properly granted permanent custody of minor children to Lucas County Children ServicesOsowikLucas 11/9/2017 11/9/2017 2017-Ohio-8508
McDonald v. Rodriguez S-16-042Trial court did not abuse its discretion in finding appellant in contempt for failing to obtain refinancing of the parties' marital residence upon dissolution of the marriage, where the court's order required appellant to seek such refinancing in good faith and appellant failed to act in good faith.JensenSandusky 11/9/2017 11/9/2017 2017-Ohio-8509
Patel v. Sandusky City School Dist. Bd. of Edn. E-17-019Trial court erred in denying appellant's Civ.R. 60(B) motion for relief from an improper summary judgment ruling. The non-moving party was not served or notified of the filing and was denied any opportunity to oppose it. Judgment reversed and remanded.OsowikErie 11/9/2017 11/9/2017 2017-Ohio-8510