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In re Change of Name of W.A.G. 16 NO 0435Civ.R. 4.6 is applicable to R.C. 2717.01 when certified mail is returned unclaimed; No compliance with Civ.R. 4.6; Probate Court lacked personal jurisdiction over Appellant.RobbNoble 5/25/2017 5/25/2017 2017-Ohio-2997
Vos v. State 16 CO 0034Court of Claims has exclusive jurisdiction over claims; Trial court's dismissal based on Civ.R. 12(b)(1) and Civ.R. 12(b)(6) was warranted.RobbColumbiana 5/25/2017 5/26/2017 2017-Ohio-4005
State v. Hill 16 JE 0021Judgment entry did not sufficiently advise of post-release control and entry was not correct prior to Appellant's release; Imposition of the post-release control is void and Appellant entitled to discharge from post-release control.RobbJefferson 5/25/2017 5/26/2017 2017-Ohio-4006
Watson v. Caldwell Hotel, L.L.C. 16 NO 0432pending trial on the merits, trial court permitted plaintiff to install curb along nonexclusive easement on land owned by hotel, which eliminated 20 parking spaces in front of hotel; ruling on motion for preliminary injunction is reversed.RobbNoble 5/24/2017 5/26/2017 2017-Ohio-4007
State v. Fortner 16 BE 0007The offenses of Importuning and Attempted Sexual Conduct with a Minor, as committed, are not allied offense of similar import and merger was not required; Counsel was not ineffective for failing to ask for merger.RobbBelmont 5/24/2017 5/26/2017 2017-Ohio-4004
State v. Dawson 15 MA 0118Due process rights are not violated when child endangering serves as the predicate offense for felony murder; The evidence was sufficient; The convictions were not against the manifest weight of the evidence; No cumulative error.RobbMahoning 5/23/2017 5/24/2017 2017-Ohio-2957
State v. Lucicosky 16 MA 0112R.C. 2929.14(C)(4)(b) course of conduct finding was not contrary to law for multiple offenses of pandering obscenity involving a minor in violation of R.C. 2941.25; Trial court failed to incorporate finding in sentencing judgment entry and failed to make the other required consecutive sentencing findings; Merger not required for numerous charges of pandering obscenity involving a minor; State v. Starcher, 5th Dist. No. 2015CA00058, 2015-Ohio-5250.RobbMahoning 5/23/2017 5/24/2017 2017-Ohio-2960
Gentile v. Turkoly 16 MA 0071En banc review denied because no conflict within our district.Per CuriamMahoning 5/15/2017 5/24/2017 2017-Ohio-2958
Gentile v. Turkoly 16 MA 0071Issues were fully considered and there is no obvious error in our decision; Disagreements with the conclusions reached do not provide a basis for reconsideration.Per CuriamMahoning 5/15/2017 5/24/2017 2017-Ohio-2959
In re D.F. 16 NO 0439permanent custody to children's services agency was in children's best interest; children could not be placed with either parent; despite compliance with case plan permanent custody was warranted; guardian ad litem file timely reportDonofrioNoble 5/5/2017 5/8/2017 2017-Ohio-2711