Supreme Court Special Announcements and Administrative Actions

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In re Notary Requirements for Domestic-Relations, Juvenile, General, and Probate Forms (6/8/20)

In re Remote Administration of Oaths and Affirmations (6/3/20)

Moyer Judicial Center Closed June 1 (5/31/20)

In re Waiver of the Self-Study Cap for Judges, Magistrates, and Attorneys in the 2019/2020 Compliance Period, and Waiver of Application Fees for COVID-19 Related Continuing Legal Education Programs (5/21/20)

Order Nunc Pro Tunc - Effective March 27, 2020 (5/15/20)

In re July 2020 Bar Examination and Expansion of Practice Pending Admission during the Admission to the Practice of Law Process (5/14/20)

In re Application of the Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court of Ohio (4/14/20)

In re Tolling of Time Requirements Imposed by Rules Promulgated by the Supreme Court and Use of Technology (3/27/20)